Hair: .Shi Hair : Hearken / Unisex . E-Nordic Dress: Addams // Queen Metal Dress // N*16 Earrings: Meva Aesur – Earring silver box Heels: **SD** Meggy Silver Heels


Hair: Aura – Anny Jacket & Bra: Lapoint&Bastchild – Swear Zipp Leather Jackets Womens Jeans & Boots: Addams – Complet outfit Mary Tattoo: Letis tattoo – Nirvana


Hair: no.match – NO_JOKE – Pack of BLONDS Outfit: Addams – Complete Outfit Mary Earrings & Necklace: *Love Tribe Complete Set* by La Forgia Jewels A charming little village I walked today. It was wonderful weather. Baja Falls (76, 229, 21)


Hair: rezology – Flava Suit: Addams  – Military Mesh Suit Stefani – Black Boots: ROC – Martens boots Today, I was just in St. Petersburg, when my bike went wrong. I could see the beach nearby, so I took a walk. 🙂 Saint Pete City 166/75/22